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Don’t download

I thought this app would change my life; however, it has only brought me to deaths door. The app suggested I eat poop and then told me not to go the the doctor when I asked. The seven dollar palm reading told me that I would live a long l, healthy life. The palm reading was obviously wrong. I’m now septic and will soon die with poopy breath. Zero stars


This app has ads and makes you pay $6.99 for every palm reading, and $10 a month for horoscopes. Then the reading is broken English and makes no sense !!! Awful :(


Definitely a scam..even the people who gave the app 5 stars says it’s your fault if you pay $7 to use this app. The big question is why is this app on here in the first place. Definitely not helping anyone nor is it entertaining. Waste of time and attention.



learn to build trust

I wish something was free in this app. I would not pay anything without trust. Sorry


Why waste seven dollars for some dumb quiz

Only rated 5 stars so it would go to the top

Do not get this app! It's horrible! It costs money for it to read your fortune and it's so hard to get a picture of your palm Bc it needs to be exact! I hate this app so much, don't get it! It's horrible!


Ads and they ask you to pay for everything.... Download open then delete..... Complete waste of time scanning my hand print not knowing beforehand that the reading cost 7 dollars....

Not good

Don't waste you time. I wasted my 5 minutes.

Don't get this!!!

Overpriced and asks for to much information which is creepy.


This is the stupidest app!

only one word @sucks

it's not free.

Didn't even open the app after I read the poor reviews

Apparently it's crapola!


this is a stupid app! you need to pay for it? hell no!

Be ashamed

First of all, who hand fits into that stupid outline? Why not have it in landscape and spread? Deleting the app. Waste of space. You guys should not even bother making another App.


This app took $6 from me and never did anything it didn't read my plan nothing and then it want me to pay another $6 and it wants you to pay for everything that's bs

Rip off

Basically high price to get random generic reading.


Stupid charges you $7 after


You have to pay for the "palm reading". 🙄

I didn't even open the app yet

I read the comments and was immediately disgusted with the feedback! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I rated it 5 stars just so people can read this and see how stupid this app is. 👍 Keep up the good work!


Um I'm v mad rn I thought this was free but like to do anything u have to pay even for a freakin horoscope like there's other apps that will do that FOR FREE 10/10 would NOT recommend

I would put no star

You have to pay 6.99 to use like half the stuff in the app and half the time it's not even correct I'm like 11 and it said "you will get married in the beginning of April" I was like I'm 11 what the heck. So 0 stars from me

New generation scamming

They make you take pictures of your hands and then boom! $6.99 for a palm reading.


Who pays to have their palm read???

I'm gonna complain too!

Entertainment purposes only should not have a charge! I would pay to see a real palm reader but not 7$ for one that suggest it's entertainment and maybe not even real. I won't do it. I knew there was a catch when I tried downloading it... oh well! Deleted! I'll google my own results for free!

This is a hoax!

Further every reading costs your money that is charged to your iTunes account automatically. Basically, it's a scam!

Overpriced and difficult to obtain good picture

This was a colossal waste of time. Yes it is entertainment but nothing would advise that it is so expensive for one palm reading as well as it takes FOREVER to get an acceptable picture of your palms. Would not recommend.

Don't Do It!

This is terrible! It's $6.99 to get your palm read and they give you a reading off three lines. Head, heart, and life line. A total waste of money. I'm trying to get a refund. DON'T BOTHER!!!!


You have to pay$6.99 for a result that you can't even save. The result is so general that can applies to anyone. Don't purchase it


Very expensive for nothing! My prediction... you will be $6.50 poorer for buying this app


Really? $7 each time?

Rip off

It cost 7 dollars for a palm reading and we all know it's fake

Don't buy this app

Once you scan your palms it immediately asks for $6.99. Stupid.


It took me about ten minutes to read my hand and then YOU PAY 7 DOLLARS. I have proof because I did this on my phone it said ~~~~~~~ then on my cousins phone I did my hand and it said so many different things. Ps this was on the same day

Too much money

It costs like $6 for a single palm reading and $10 per month for a daily horoscope. Also the fortunes it gives you are pretty unclear. It asks for lots of personal information such as name, birthdate, height, eyecolor, age, etc. which concerns me. But the app overall is not terrible. Its kind of interesting...


It's not free you have to pay 7$ so there is no point





I have to pay


Very good app!

A very complete divination method I love how karma appears in my hand is a very good app.

Waste of time

Stupid app

Read the description, people

It says perfectly in the description that it is for entertainment purposes only, and doesn't provide true readings. Of course it's not real. I just don't see the point of people griping about it. Especially griping when you paid $7. If you're gonna pay $7 to an APP to get a palm reading, you shouldn't be complaining because that's YOUR fault. 😂


Don't get this it takes like forever to get a read then it charges u


It says it's free but once you scan your hand, you need to pay 7$ for some FALSE readings!!! was not accurate at all, do not recommend at all....

6.5 $ each time you want to read your hand

This app is very expensive and also the put a lot of boring advertising. Didn't like it

Rip off

App is not accurate and it makes you pay do not get

False advertising

Was an advert saying it was free then asked for money. Not worth 7$ would rather google it than get a randomly generated answer from this.


🔫delet this

Its a scam

Never review anything but had to review this


There is nothing good about this. After all it asks you for 7$ to see your results and even after you pay that to get all the results you have to pay more. ITS A RIPOFF WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

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